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Short Animation Sundays: Happiness and Life

If there is one thing I enjoy watching it has to be short animation movies. Besides the fact that I am beyond impressed by the creativity and work that goes into creating these, I enjoy the messages that they convey. Quite often these shorts are open-ended and can be interpreted in various ways which leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Let’s kick off this short animation series with the topic of happiness and life. I have chosen 5 of my favourite short animation movies. These five are conversation starters that I hope will leave an impression as they did on me.

The Pursuit of Happiness – Project Better Self:

Showcases the urge to always want the next best thing, all the while not being able to enjoy and live in the moment. I believe that somewhere in there is a happy middle where we don’t just go YOLOing through life or racing through it on an obsessive pursuit of happiness.

Inner Conflict: – Project Better Self:

Shows the daily struggles of life, the inner conflicts that take place, and how they eventually impact and shape our lives.

The Choice – Project Better Self:

A great continuation of the previous short about inner conflict. Shows how the eventual choices we make, stemming from our inner conflicts, give shape to the type of life that we end up leading.

Happiness – Tompswell:

We’ve all had those moments at least once, where we drift off and imagine our ‘if only’ lives. The life we truly want to live and would be living if only…

Meaningful Life Project – FALAQ TV:

A great short on how we use others to reach our personal goals while others use us to achieve their own personal goals as well. Also, a great depiction of the interconnectedness of our lives.

If you don’t have a plan with your life, you will take part in somebody else’s plan

-Terrence Mckenna

Lastly, here is a bonus video that was actually the inspiration for this series: Happiness by Steve Cutts


“What we choose to focus on and what we choose to ignore—plays in defining the quality of our life.”

– Cal Newport


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