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Welcome to the TMSH Tips Hub, your go-to resource for life-enhancing tips, hacks, and fascinating facts. At The Millennial State of Happiness (TMSH), we’re passionate about curating the best insights from the vast world of self-improvement and beyond. No need to sift through endless content – we’ve got you covered! As we fine-tune our pages on Health, Brainfood, Time Hacking, and Travel, stay tuned for more exciting areas to explore. Your journey to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life begins here. Discover, learn, and thrive with TMSH!


One key ingredient to building a robust and lasting foundation, for happiness to flourish, is your health. Take care of your garden, because you reap what you sow!


Where to start? The amount of information we have at our disposal is incredible. So much to read yet so little time!

Time Hacking

In a society where time is our most valuable asset, it makes sense that we learn to master it. Join me on this journey of mastery as I share with you all the ins and outs I encounter along the way.


Nothing feeds my soul quite like traveling does. For those that also caught the bug at some point in their lives, this is for you!

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